Thursday, May 31, 2007

NA 07

After a conference like New Attitude you can't help but come away with knowing that God is good. Through all of the wisdom learned, the scripture taught, the praise and worship, the biblical fellowship, the incredibly funny memories, the tears shed, the strengthened relationships, the conviction of sin, and the truth revealed, there was one common theme: that God was glorified.

What a privledge it was to be able to hear men like Josh Harris, Eric Simmons, Mark Dever, Al Mohler, C.J Mahaney, and John Piper speak with one particular topic in focus. Discernment.
The messages can all be downloaded for free here at Sovereign Grace Ministries online book store. Use this wealth of knowledge and sound Biblical teaching to grow in God and apply truth to your life.

Here are the top 20 Highlights of the Trip for me:

1. My horrible failure to anoint the group with prayer at the beginning of the trip. (God's way of humbling me I think)

2. Writing on the cars.

3. Getting to ride in the front seat the entire way there and back. (Big-bird needs to spread his wings)

4. Having great biblical fellowship and discussion almost the entire way up and back. (Thank You ladies)

5. Taking way too many pictures.

6. The occasional head-butt of too many hunters. (catching my drift?)

7. Jonathan and Nathan's "Showdown in the Shower". (I died laughing and I wasn't even there)

8. "birrrr, birrrr, birrrr" (guys only)

9. Observing and unfortunately participating in "The Game". (I'm so sorry Kevin)

10. Meeting new people.

11. Finding out what God is doing in other peoples lives. (isn't it amazing to see that God is working with as much care in others life as your own?)

12. Hearing all of the wonderful preaching.

13. Getting not one but TWO hugs from Josh Harris. (Kaleb was a close second)

14. Worship. (never fails does it?)

15. Cramming all seven guys into one hotel room to save money. (thank you for the negotiating skills Kevin)

16. Saving Seats. (I almost lost my life twice)

17. Not Junk food. (we are never doing "Wal-Mart" again)

18. The foot stomping thing in the bleachers. (I wonder if you can hear it on the audio?)

19. Ryan and Kaleb getting Al Mohlers cell-phone number.

20. Being served so wonderfuly by the humble ladies in our group. Your humble servant-hood and never ending patience made leading you and serving you, a joy and a blessing.

-Kyle (but the last one is from all of the Men)-


Jenn Romanski said...

come on! The great heat-out in the van on the ride home doesn't make it on the list?

amber said...

1. I don't remember the prayer being that bad. But I will admit, the car maintenance part was pretty funny.

16. We really appreciate you all nearly being martyred and (*ahem*) occasionally skipping coummunity groups to get us super good seats each session. Way to go.

17. My mom could have told us that. :/

19. That's not fair.

Ahh these are great memories. I'm going to have to add a few more.

Lana said...

I have to admit that your #6 was pretty funny. I also have to agree with Amber about all of the guys saving seats for everyone. *Conversation before first seat saving adventure between the guys: Guy 1 - "Okay no knocking down any women & children, but anyone else is okay. Guy 2 - Oh and no future prospects. All guys - Oh right, right!" (paraphrased) Thanks again guys!

I think everyone should post a top 20!

kyle said...

I Agree. Please post top 20 everyone. I'm sorry Jenn. I forgot 2 that I would like to add. 1) the pillow attacking 2) the heat-out in the van (guys won)