Thursday, January 11, 2007

In the Beginning...

This is the official blog of the Singles ministry at Grace Covenant Church of Jacksonville. All posts are by any participating member of Single Focus and are intended to serve others in their walk with the Lord, in order to bring glory to His Holy Name. We would like everyone to know that we are NOT theologians and any doctrinal errors are more than likely due to our ignorance than anything else. Our endeavor is that this blog would be a blessing and encouragement to all, by the grace of our Father in Heaven whom we look to in all that we do.

- Single Focus Family (no we're not in any way affiliated with Focus on the Family)

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Jenn Romanski said...

I'm excited! Get to writing my friends!! (No pressure or anything. I just can't wait to read the words the Lord will have impressed upon your hearts.)

I'm praying for you all.