Thursday, April 12, 2007

God's Plan

This morning God freshly reminded me of His mercy and kindness in my life. Not only has He saved me and regenerated my sinful heart, but He has bestowed upon me the gift of eternal life and a portion of His kingdom. Somehow, in His wisdom, He has aligned the pursuit of His glory with my life. What a blessing!

But in addition, what a responsibility we now have. God has entrusted us with His gospel and we are to rightly handle it. It shames me to realize how often I have turned from this beautiful plan and sought my own worth. Let us be freshly aware of God's purpose with every waking moment, and fully dependant upon His grace to accomplish just that.

The Lord's love for His children is steadfast,
and forever it will last.
He hold us in His gracious hand,
eternally we are included in His plans.
Though we are faced with trials and persecution,
Your love sustains us and in wonder we gaze upon the glorious crucifixion.
Let us return to You all the praise and glory,
because we have been saved! redeemed!
and made part of this beautiful story.

-Kyle Glick-

1 comment:

Adam said...

Excellent post Kyle. It amazes me that gives us gifts, and gives us the ability to do good things, but still rewards us when we do good. Thank you for this reminder of how much grace God pours out on our lives.