Thursday, July 19, 2007

Wales Update, #2

Hey, On Sunday we had a chance to lead worship in Sovereign Grace church here in Myrther Tydville. The church is fairly small seeing that it has only been around for two years. Kyle did an awesome job leading the church as we worshiped our holy saviour. Mike then preached on Luke 15, which tells the stories of the woman and the coin, the Shepherd who had a sheep go astray, and the prodigal son. He did a great job of describing how low he had dropped to as a pig feeder. A Jew could arguably not fall any lower than feeding pigs, you wouldn't find a Jew in that place ever. But, the love of the father never changed, as soon as the son realized his sin the father was there waiting for him. It was a great service. Afterwards our family(Kyle, Fran, Linda, Matt, Amy, and I) went back to the house and had a nice relaxing afternoon. After tea time(dinner) we had a wonderful time sitting around the piano and singing worship songs. Monday consisted of us scavenging neighborhoods handing out leaflets about the church and the fun day happening on Saturday. At first we were just putting them through the mail slots, but then we tried knocking on doors and interacting with people. Everyone liked talking to people and having conversations with the local people much better so we continued that after lunch. That night we had a chance to congregate with the whole church as we had Chinese food(lol) of all things. Tuesday and Wednesday morning consisted of handing out many leaflets also and a few fun things. Last night we had a chance to go spend some time at a historical village, which was very cool and informative. Then we experienced the best play of the year(haha) jokingly. It was entertaining, but not because it was good but because we could laugh at it. Then today after passing out leaflets in the morning we had a chance to go to Cardiff, the capital of wales. There was a castle right in the center of the city, we did some shopping and then had dinner. I hope everything in Jville is nice and dandy, I am having a great time.

In Christ,


P.S. pray for Saturday, that it will be clear.


Jennifer Lightfoot said...

It was great to get an update on the trip!! Tell my sis I said 'hi'!

Kevin Glick said...

Whats up Cauliflower! Can't belive your in Whales right now sleeping with the sheep. Things are going great in J-ville. We have been praying for you. Remember that even Welsh women can bring you to the depths of Sheol so be careful. Hope your having a great time.