Saturday, February 3, 2007

Christ The Lord

Christ the Lord,
It is you who are most adored.
Entering the world as a helpless child,
You were born to give your life,
For the guilty and the vile.
Christ the Lord,
Our hope and saviour,
The wrath of the Father you bore,
So that we might inherit the right,
To know Him forevermore.
Christ the Lord,
Deliverer of sinners and the abhorred.
The beauty of salvation,
Far more than a story,
Forever be displayed,
Your splendor and Your glory.
Kyle Glick


Nathan Edwards said...

kyle, where did you get this? It sounds like a song, But I can't tell if I know it or not. All else aside, they are wonderful words of Grace and Mercy through Christ. That we might know him forever.

kyle said...

It was influenced by a bunch of different stuff, most especially the Song "Christ the Lord" off of the new sovereign grace christmas CD, but it was just a poem that I wrote during my devotions over a few days. thank you for the encouragement Nate

ryan said...

dont lie i know you got if from a Spurgeon Sermon. jk nice one kyle

kyle said...

stop it ryan, stop it ;)

Jenn Romanski said...

so...idea. how about Nate makes it into a song?? cause that'd be pretty amazing if you ask me.

and I think Bobby K would agree with me ;-)