Thursday, March 8, 2007

"An Intenser Relish"

I love to read.

I love to read classic works of literature--novels, poetry, prose, and dramas. I love to read books on Christian living and theology. I love to read history books and non-fiction. I love to read my nutrition textbook. I love to read blogs! But sometimes the number of things available to read can be overwhelming. There comes a point when one has to be selective in his or her reading choices.

There's one book, as you know, that can't be ruled out. It's just hard to remember sometimes. Read this quote from Horatious Bonar, nineteenth century Scottish pastor and poet:

See that your relish for the Bible be above every other enjoyment, and the moment you begin to feel greater relish for any other book, lay it down till you have sought deliverance from such a snare, and obtained from the Holy Spirit an intenser relish, a keener appetite for the Word of God (Jer 15:16).

It's important to make sure that we don't allow any other book to suffocate, if you will, time spent reading the Word. We must set it aside until we are sure that we love the Bible with an "intenser relish" than any other reading, even Christian books, such as Knowing God or The Cross Centered Life.

Nothing should be competing with the Bible, but it takes the help of the Holy Spirit to get to the place were we love it with a "keener appetite" than anything else.

Lord, help me to love your Word far more than any other book. Thank you for the precious gift it is to us. Help me to see its value and the power it has in my life. Help me, by your Spirit, to cherish it and study it diligently so that my thoughts might be your thoughts and my will your will.

-Amber Harrington-

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