Tuesday, June 5, 2007

Amber's Top 20 Na Memories

1. Jonathan trying to serve by clearing the table but unintentionally throwing my debit card away and, consequently, having to dig through the food court trash can to retrieve it. (Don't worry. I smothered it with plenty of hand sanitizer. :)

2. Seeing childhood best friends from Virginia, Georgia, and North Carolina and seeing and meeting more El Paso people.

3. The Great Guys vs. Girls Sweat-Out (In sum: Girls were siss-iss-ing; Kyle couldn't stand it and threatened with the heat; the girls claimed we could handle it better than the guys, and, bam, there you have a stubbornness-generated sweat-out.)

siss.iss (verb)
1. to whisper

2. to talk privately while giggling, especially when done by females

4. Memories from staying in a hotel room with five of my favorite girls ever: Jenn reading to all of us out loud, taking two hours to pack our bags the last night, sharing hairdryers and clothes, and late night talks. Good times.

5. Being reminded by John Piper in two stellar messages that (1) God's chief end is to bring glory to himself and that, (2) by the gift of faith, I am credited with Christ's perfect obedience.

6. Nate's tie-dye play dough hand and resultant Fudgecicle at TGI Friday's.

7. God providentially allowing our group to have enough room in our vehicles to give Orlando guys a lift. Ryan and Kaleb sacrificially serving by picking them up from and taking them back to their hotel.

8. Human alphabet in front of the big Na sign.

9. An average of five hours of sleep for five nights in a row = severe sleep deprivation. (Thank you, Lord, for the gift of caffienated beverages.)

10. Late night adventure with Jenn and Lana at the Travelodge. Exhilarating AND very necessary. (Though I think I may have ruined the secrecy of the outing. Didn't I, girls?)

11. Watching some hunters run into the woods wearing neon vests and prematurely scaring off a few does.

12. Eric Simmons and Josh Harris breaking out the dance moves.

13. Me being so dependant on the rest of the group for remembering where places were that I'd have been lost if I had to walk to community groups alone.

14. Eleven times of worship crammed into four days.

15. I share this one at my own expense: Me being so sleep-deprived that I unconsciously ripped my Cracker Barrel check to shreds before I went to pay. Having a good laugh as a result.

16. Lana to guys: "Oh, look! There's an extra seatbelt!" (Way to put it graciously, Lana. And with a sense of humor.)

17. Hanging with Cherish.

18. Ditto Lana's #21 and Kyle's #5.

19. Candace and me getting our ice cream paid for by a Ninja and getting matching t-shirts.

20. Being with good friends for six days in a row and experiencing biblical fellowship, fun memories, and God together.

Isn't He GOOD?



Lana said...

3. I definitelt think sississ needs to be submitted to the dictionary people. If Will Smith could get "jiggy" in there I think there's a chance.

7. Amen! And way to highlight Ryan and Kaleb. Even if Kaleb did give away Adam's belongings. =)

8. What was this?

11. Love it!

12. Totally forgot about that one!

15. Okay, how did I not know about this one?!

20. Lol well it was pretty close.

Cha for Amber!

kyle said...

3. Excellent definition. Although I think "higly annoying to males" should be added.

6. That was just gross

9. Still recovering

12. How could I have forgotten that?!

16. har. har.

17. I agree. What a godly young woman.

don't know what Cha means lana but anyways... good post amber.

Jenn Romanski said...

3. Your definition rocks.

5. Hmmmm...isn't in wonderful how truth is both wonderfully sweet and painfully convicting all at the same time??

10. Ha. The guys probably think we went out wandering the streets of Louisville one night in search of ice cream or something ;-)

11. ah this analogy never gets old:-)

You guys have been blogging fiends since we got back from Na. Everyone's gonna come back from Haiti and be amazed! (Which, by the way, I think they should blog about their experience. I want to hear all about it!)

Jenn Romanski said...

oh! and jiggy is in the dictionary? Uncalled for!!!

amber said...


I don't know how you didn't find out about my receipt ripping frenzy. Maybe because you were sitting at the other end of the table?


Here's my 3rd dictionary entry for sisiss: 3. to speak in an exclusive group with other women, making typical female noises and gestures, in a way that is highly annoying to males


I agree. Just because other people are on a luxurious mission trip to Haiti doesn't mean they don't have to blog about Na when they get back (or about Haiti for that matter!).

kyle said...

much better definition Amber.