Monday, June 4, 2007

Top 20 and 1

Before I post my "Top 20", I would just like to say how kind of God it was to allow all of us such rich moments full of His presence and the truths of His Word at NA, as well as precious times of fellowship with the people He has graciously placed in our lives. I hope everyone will heed the constant encouragement to obtain all the messages from the conference! And you don’t need to have attended NA to listen to them. They would be great messages for anyone!

Top 20 Highlights of the Trip for me:
(In no particular order)

1. The guys trying to get the girls to say they wanted to stop to use the bathroom before they would admit they had to go. (It never worked)

2. Watching people get stuck in the revolving door. =)

3. Everyone singing A Whole New World & Back At One in the van on the way back. (Sorry Kevin, Nathan, Stephen and J. Nash if you didn’t want people to know that! =)

4. Worshiping a Holy God and knowing that as great as it was, it was only a taste of what’s to come.

5. Getting candy and breakfast every community group. (Thank you Mr. Caesar!)

6. Seeing old friends & meeting new ones.

7. Not having to risk my life or miss community group to save seats. (Thanks guys! Anyone mow over any future prospects? =)

8. Solid teaching informed by infallible truth.

9. Girl time in the room. (What happens in the room stays in the room.)

10. The sweet pain of conviction after “The Idol Factory”.

11. Jen R, Amber and I having a “late” night adventure. (Shh…don’t tell the guys.)

12. All the great and helpful discussions going up, during and coming back from the conference.

13. Winning the heat-out in the van. (I think when 3 girls are sitting in their seats conversing pleasantly and 2 guys are sweating, their eyes are turning red and they can’t sit still, means the girls were victorious. Hey, even C.J. Mahaney said he likes to win.)

14. Watching people picking up their cross and “taking it to the other room”, “go somewhere they didn’t want to eat”, “put $2400 on their credit card”, “give up community groups”, “pose for six pictures when they would have liked to stop after one”, “packing, unpacking, packing and unpacking the vans”, “sleeping on cots, floors and sleeper sofa’s”, and so much more. (Thanks everyone!)

15. Watching as NA attendees men where hunting a little too aggressively and women were breaking logs and throwing leaves too vigorously. (I’m sorry that was mean…but I couldn’t help it.)

16. Watching the guys secure our pizza spot, even at the expense of running people off the other couch. (Shameful)

17. Opening and closing all the doors while we’re driving to try and get the dinging sound to stop and then realizing the ahem “driver” had left the blinker on.

18. Zebra gum!

19. Having C.J. confirm that sports are a good thing.

20. The moment I remembered where I was a year ago and where God has me now and feeling overwhelming peace, joy and gratefulness.

21. Not having to worry about anything the entire trip because of the wonderful leadership, sacrifice and humility of all the guys as they sought to lead us as well as spur us on in our relationship with Christ. (I decided to add one more since Kyle added like two more in comments. =)

I nominate the next person to post their top 20.

- Lana -


Jenn Romanski said...

oh man lana. I was laughing out loud for like 5 minutes after I read your top 20.

11. That was super scary fun!

13. amen sista ;-)

14. laughing in full agreement and thanksgiving!

15. absolutely hilarious! "breaking logs and throwing leaves too vigorously.." outstanding description!

kyle said...

A few thoughts...

1. This is a lie

9. I agree

11. How dare you :)

13. More lies

14. Very funny

15. Even more funny

Now that I have cleared everything up, great post Lana!

amber said...

1. Whether this is a lie or not, I'm not sure, but I do not recall any of the ladies demanding a potty break.

7. Hilarious. Though it would be a shame if any potential "futures" were mowed.

9. Absolutlely.

11. But I kinda ruined it...didn't I? =/

15. Lol. You took a funny metaphor and made it even funnier!

16. Shameful indeed. But I still enjoyed the benefits of having a nice place to sit with the group.

20. Isn't God good?!