Sunday, August 19, 2007


Here is the latest survey on car dependability by JD power, one of the worlds foremost in car studies. The survey "measures problems experienced by original owners of 3-year-old (2004 model year) vehicles", and produced some unexpected results to say the least. Here are the top 6 in the order that they fell in. See if you notice any interesting patterns

1. Lexus and Buick tie
2. Cadillac
3. Mercury
4. Honda
5. Toyota

Personally, I was shocked to see that the top three spots are owned by U.S. manufactures who are normally not known for their reliability. I personally will still stick with Honda's and Toyota's but this survey certainly gave me quite a pleasant surprise. (Although Buick no longer produces cars)



Nathan Edwards said...

Buick thats where the skylark is at.

Kyle said...

you know it. I thought you might appreciate this one Nate :)