Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Celebration Conclusion

Well God was good to us yet again at Celebration. It is amazing to see how God works to bring himself Glory every year. It wasn't just 15 minutes into Brent's message when I thought to myself, "Once again, oh how I love this," and I began to think about how many times I have sat in these uncomfortable seats and experienced God's Grace. Our Father is so Faithful to convict us, encourage us, and draw us closer to himself. Well I want to tell of just a little of the best that happened to me at Celebration, but really I want to here from everyone else, and God did for you.

Well here is some of the Best:

  • Landon missing a turn, allowing for 2 hours of good conversation
  • 6 guys in a camper, and everything that goes with that. except for the smell.
  • Hearing Sound Doctrinal Teaching on the Great Doctrine of Justification
  • Seeing the Bride of Christ unified to Worship their Savior
  • Watching everybody "spit some mad game"
  • Todd Twining.
  • Singing "There is a Day" especially when lead by Todd
  • Really good Biblical Fellowship
  • Losing every game of Volleyball and a butt kicking in football
  • Being Convicted
  • Being Convicted again
  • Leaving with a more profound understanding of the Cross

- Ryan


Jenn Romanski said...

i like that your bullet points are flowers ryan. very masculine. :-)

Kevin said...

Haha. Didn't even notice that Jen. Great comment.

kyle said...

In Ryan's defense, the format for our blog automatically inserts flowers for bullet points :) Also, in Landon's undefense, he missed the turn on the way back as well, giving ample time for 2 more hours of conversation.