Thursday, November 15, 2007


(*Clearing Throat)

I was shackeld, chained, content there to be,
But by your will you chose that I should go free,
It is by the blood of your only begotten,
That you have reminded me, and I have not forgotten,
Of the price that has indebted me so,
That has raised me, saved me, and allowed me to know,
The one and true God in all His majesty,
It is by His grace that now I am redeemed.



Lana said...

What great words of truth! Did you write that?

kyle said...

Yes ma'm. I guess everyone has a little poetry in them :)

Nathan Edwards said...

I really like this Kyle, It shows wonderfully how we had nothing to do with God saving us. Also though...I was just thinking while I was reading it that it there should be a beatbox in the background like a Christian rap.

Jenn Romanski said...

nice kyle. the Lord has really given you a gift in your poetry writing.

to add to Nate's beatbox comment, when I read "clearing throat," it made me think of that DJ Kool song "Let Me Clear My Throat"

kyle said...

Wow. great comments guys and thanks for the encouragement. Since Jenn found the beat for us Nate, all's we have to do is lay it down ;)

amber said...

or you could have Landon rap it for you...Candace, Jon, and I just discovered this weekend that he's a pro rapper.