Monday, November 26, 2007

Trust in Him at ALL Times

Psalm 62:8-“Trust in him at ALL times, O people; pour out you heart before him; God is a refuge for us.”

This is one of my favorite verses on trusting God. Charles Spurgeon has broken this verse down and shown me the real meaning of it….

“Trust in Him”- To trust in God is to cast our burden on the Lord, when it is too heavy for our own shoulder. In a word, trust in God is that high act of exercise of faith whereby the should, looking upon God is lifted up above carnal fears and discouragements. The holy duty is indeed never out of season.

“At all times”- I might mention many times in which we might trust in the Lord, but they are comprised in this little word “all,” and a precious word it is. When you are full of fears, then you shall bring the little word “all” unto him, and say, I have nothing to encourage me to come to thee but that precious little word, “all.”

“Pour out your heart”- The word “pour” plainly signifies that the heart is full of grief, and almost afraid to empty itself before the Lord. What does he say to you? “Come and pour out all your trouble before me.” He is never weary with hearing the complaints of his people; therefore you should go and keep nothing back; tell him everything that hurts you, and pour “all you complaints into his merciful bosom.” Make him your counselor and friend; you cannot please him better then when your hearts rely wholly upon him.



kyle said...

Thanks for this post Candace. I love to read about the exposition of scripture by great preachers. Its always either way off of what I was thinking or far more detailed. Good stuff.

Lana said...

God truly is our refuge and it overwhelms me to think how eager He is to have our burdens before His feet. Thanks for sharing this!